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London Master Classes is an organisation devoted to promoting classical music courses offering public master classes with leading performers working with advanced classical music students and young professionals before audiences in major London venues.

Since 1988 these have included, Riverside Studios - Hammersmith, Commonwealth Institute, South Bank Centre, Lauderdale House, Highgate School, St Cyprians Church, Francis Holland School, Rudolf Steiner House, The Royal Academy of Music, The Royal College of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Royal Northern College of Music.

We Offer

•  vocal master classes  •  violin master classes  •  cello master classes  •  piano master classes  •  conducting master classes  •


These master classes provide:

  • A rare opportunity for young artists to meet and benefit from working with great performers of our time.
  • An opportunity for the public attending these summer master classes to see and hear this fascinating process which normally takes place behind closed doors, and to have an intimate view of each teacher's technique and style of teaching.
  • The chance to hear exceptionally talented young artists in daily classes, and watch their progress and response in evening concerts always under the influence of distinguished artists and teachers.

Young artists need help at that crucial stage between college and successful achievement.

Work at college is cloistered and private while the real world of the performer is public. The young aspiring artist needs the opportunity to perform and yet at the same time needs tuition and guidance. Public master classes provide the ideal context in which to develop interpretative insights and at the same time learn to cope with being in front of an audience.

Most importantly - many young people with great potential but, often, scant financial resources, who would otherwise be unable to afford such tuition, have benefited through the opportunities and scholarships made available by London Master Classes.

London Master Classes was formed in 1988. Since its inception the following distinguished conductors, singers and instrumentalists have given masterclasses - many having returned more than once.

To date, LMC Courses have attracted to London brilliant young talent from over 50 different countries including:

Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria,
Canada, Croatia, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Wales and Yugoslavia.

Each Course offers a small select group of violinists, cellists, pianists, singers and conductors the chance to work intensively with leading influences in their respective field; an opportunity to share this learning experience with others of a similar standard while at the same time responding to the enthusiastic and discerning audiences LMC attracts.

Venues have included The South Bank Centre, Commonwealth Institute, The Riverside Studios - Hammersmith, Rudolf Steiner House, St.Cyprians Church, Highgate School, Francis Holland School, Lauderdale House, The Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, The Royal Northern College of Music and The Royal College of Music.


2018 Summer Course!

A week of stimulating and exciting public master classes and concerts for voice, violin, cello, piano and conducting - 22nd to 29th July 2018.

2018 Course

Our 2018 Course will offer a week of stimulating and exciting public master classes and concerts for voice, violin, cello, piano and conducting in Manchester's Royal Northern College of Music from 22nd to 29th July 2018.

Apply Now for Summer 2018!

Upcoming performances for LMC Alumnus pianist/ composer Oleg Bezborodko.......24 лютого у супроводі Національного заслуженого академічного симфонічного оркестру України (художній керівник і головний диригент – Володимир Сіренко) піаніст і композитор Олег Безбородько виконає сольну партію у «Концертино» Валентина Сильвестрова.Концертино для фортепіано з оркестром Валентин Сильвестров створив 2015-го. 2017-го в Києві саме у виконанні Олега відбулася світова прем’єра цього твору. За словами виконавця, окрім цікавої оркестровки, тут своєрідно поєднується велика концертна форма, бо незважаючи на назву, твір є досить великим і триває приблизно 20 хвилин, із характерною для пізнього Сильвестрова багательністю, тобто мініатюризацією форми. Олег Безбородько зазначає: «Концертино складається із чотирьох відносно самостійних невеличких частин-багателей, які є ніби примарним нагадуванням тих часів, коли музика була “красивою”». Особливим обрамленням у програмі цього вечора стануть серенади Вольфганга Амадея Моцарта та Йоганнеса Брамса.Насолоджуйтесь вишуканою класикою у неперевершеному виконанні!Програма:В. А. Моцарт. Серенада ре мажор, КV 239В. Сильвестров. Концертино для фортепіано з оркестромЙ. Брамс. Серенада № 2 ля мажор, тв. 16Квитки:bit.ly/2Lrk3JmКвитки доступу до онлайн трансляції:bit.ly/3reeRIe ... See MoreSee Less
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